Carling Technologies Inc. – Circuit Protection Products

Carling Technologies offers a full line of innovative, high-performance and reliable circuit protection products that meet all requirements of today’s leading OEMs in a variety of industries. Visit Carling's website or download the catalogs for a complete list of products.


Carling’s line of hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers features innovative products that provide maximum protection to datacom/telecom, industrial automation, military, and renewable energy applications among many others. Click here to see full list of products.


Carling’s line of thermal circuit protectors offers reliable, cost effective protection and significant performance advantage over fuses. They can also be used as the main ON/OFF switch for the equipment being protected. Click here to see full list of products.


Carling Equipment Leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter combine the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker to provide maximum equipment protection. Click here to see full list of products.