Alpha Wire – New EcoGen Family Member!

 In May, EcoFlex PUR made it's way to the market with over 8M flex life cycles and a zero halogen jacket and insulation.

EcoFlex PUR is a 600V cable that is up to 40% lighter, 44% smaller than traditional PUR cables.  The mPPE insulation and PUR jacket allow this product to be a zero halogen, reduced diameter, and oil-resistant cable.  This flexing cable has 8M flex life cycles and counting with an operating temperature of -50C to +90C (static) and -40C to +80C (dynamic).

This cable is ideal for industrial environments such as mining, industrial machinery, and outdoor applications due to the sunlight and oil resistance in turn with the abrasion resistant PUR jacket.  The reduced diameter and weight are great benefits for making more room in a populated cable track or smaller machines being used in industrial applications.

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Alpha Wire Offers New Product Search Tool

In June we launched our new Cable Finder tool which helps guides customers to find which Alpha Wire product fits their application needs.  In this blog we will discuss some new ways to search for the cable you need.

We provided the “special applications” filter in order to further distinguish the type of cable you are looking for.  We split this filter into several categories including: medical (meaning the cable withstands sterilization), VFDBus CableCoaxial CableEthernet Cable, and Flat/Ribbon cable.  Knowing that you have a special application can easily narrow down the product results for you.

We also feature an “environmental factors” filter that allows you to choose different types of attributes that can make or break your application such as: zero halogen, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, direct burial, extreme temperature, flame retardant, low outgassing, low smoke, oil resistant, and UV resistant.  These factors can go hand in hand with the type of rating needed for your particular application.

Once you find the cable you are looking for, you can download the specification, request a sample, and more.  We have indicated some of our products with identifiers for products that are zero halogen, made with premium materials, or items that are standard and in-stock.  If you can’t find exactly what you need, you will be directed to our custom cable form which will automatically fill out your desired specs.  Once you submit the form, you will be contacted by an Alpha Wire representative.

Need to find a cable for a new or existing application, try our Cable Finder today!