New Product for January – Switchcraft/Conxall

Dura-Pull Push-Pull Connector


Key Features:

  • Easy, push-pull latching mechanism with blind mating
  • Durable machined copper housing
  • Sealed to IP68 when mated
  • Up to 9 contacts in a 1/2" connector
  • Less expensive than the leading push-pull connectors
  • Made in the USA

Application of the Month


Firefighter Training System - Sealed Unmated Power Jacks & Plugs

This customer needed a sealed connector for their charging port able to withstand 125psi of air pressure from a simulated fire hose while unmated with no dust cap.   They tested the ST10U, were impressed with the results, and have designed it into their products.

Other Upcoming New Products

Up-to-date status on upcoming products.  Dates are best estimates at this time:

F1-Rated Con-X: Waiting for UL approval.  Available now without UL
Data-Con-X USB A: Available February 2016
EH USB 3.0/ Mini-Display Port: Available February 2016
Mini-Con-X/EN3 Standard Cables: Available February 2016
High Temperature Power Jacks/ Plugs: Available March 2016
9-10 Position Mini-Con-X:  Available March 2016
10-12 Position Multi-Con-X: Available March 2016
Sealed USB Cable Assemblies: Available March 2016
Sealed ¼” Jack/Plug: Available Q2 2016
Field Installable Right Angle Tini-QG: Available Q2 2016
TS Series Connector (Shielded Micro): Q2 2016
Mixed Signal/Power Mini-Con-X: Available Q2 2016
3.5mm Sealed Jack: Available Q2 2016
15-Amp Jack/Plugs: Available 2016
Pendant Switch with LED: Available 2016