Measurement Specialties – Signals eNewsletter July 2015


U5700 Submersible Pressure Transducer

The UltraStable U5700 submersible pressure transducer has an IP68 rated connection and submersible polyurethane jacketed cable along with a variety of pressure port options. This latest series features high accuracy and a quick turnaround for demanding commercial, heavy industrial and liquid level applications.

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Low Cost Industrial Accelerometer

The Model 8711-01 sensor is an internally shielded rugged IEPE accelerometer designed for industrial condition monitoring. The accelerometer is available in ±5g to ±80g dynamic ranges and has a flat bandwidth up to greater than 10kHz. The Model 8711-01 accelerometer features a top exit MIL-C-5015 connector and is designed to operate in temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C.

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Combination Partner Boards

A series of Pmod-compatible development boards that highlight several of our digital component sensors has recently been developed. The first of these boards features our MS8607 pressure/humidity/temperature sensor. This sensor combines three sensing elements into a single package and gives the user a very space and power efficient solution for monitoring atmospheric conditions in applications like wearables, weather stations, medical, industrial equipment and appliances. Our development boards are designed to comply with the Digilent Pmod Interface Specification which provides an easy way to connect the sensor to a variety of engineering development systems and lab tools. The sensor and board interface is I2C compatible which makes for easy communications between the master processor and the sensor. Sample software code is available that can be downloaded and installed onto systems designed for FPGA and Linux based firmware developments.

Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The HTU21P(F) combined humidity and temperature sensor is used for OEM/industrial home appliance, medical, printer, humidifier and automotive defogging applications. The sensor is embedded in a reflow solderable Dual Flat No leads (DFN) package of 3 x 3 x 0.9mm footprint. Featuring low power requirements, the HTU21P(F) is designed for high volume and cost sensitive applications that require tight space constraints.

Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.

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