The PC-Series, AC Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), combines the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker. It detects lower level ground faults that do not trip ordinary circuit breakers, but could lead to shock hazards and fires in installations near water. Innovative features include status LED indicators distinguishing if a breaker is closed with line voltage present, or has opened due to leakage current, or has opened due to over current, or is closed with no line voltage present. It also offers an optional Hot/Neutral reversal detection and protection.

Product Highlights

  • Meets latest UL 943 standards
  • GFCI Self-test auto-monitoring & end-of-life indication
  • Integrated push-to-reset button
  • Overload, short circuit and ground fault protection in a single package
  • Status LED indicators
  • Single circuit solution for AC branch ground fault protection
  • Optional panel seal

Typical Applications

  • Generators
  • Water Heaters
  • Battery Chargers
  • Marine
  • AC main ground fault protection for a boat's entire AC electrical system

Carling Technologies TB-Series Tandem-Pole


The TB-Series is a space saving, tandem pole circuit breaker specifically designed to fit a two pole breaker into a one rack unit, making it ideal for datacom and PDU applications.

The TB-Series is designed with a common trip linkage ensuring if one pole trips, the tandem pole simultaneously trips. It also features a trip-free mechanism, a safety feature making it impossible to manually hold the contacts closed during overcurrent or fault conditions. TB-Series options include available handle guard to prevent inadvertent actuation and an auxiliary switch.

2 poles; ratings from 0.10 to 20 amps, up to 120/240VAC; UL 489 Listed, TUV, IEC/EN 60947-2.

Product Highlights

  • Fits in 1RU
  • 2 Pole Protection in a 1 Pole Package
  • Common Trip Included
  • Optional Auxiliary Switch

Typical Applications

  • Datacom
  • Power Distribution Units

Carling Technologies – OEM Product Release: BD-Series Battery Disconnect Switch


Carling Technologies BD-Series battery disconnect switch is designed to minimize battery drain, ensure maintenance personnel safety, and when used in conjunction with a padlock, provide vehicle theft protection.


  • 100-250 Amps
  • 12VDC/24VDC
  • IP67 Sealing Protection
  • Lock Compatible


  • On/Off-Highway Equipment
  • Military
  • Marine

Carling Technologies: ST-Series Sealed Toggle Switch


Designed to comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements for environmentally sealed toggle switches, Carling Technologies ST-Series Sealed Toggle Switch features innovative design and performance principles that are sure to withstand the most demanding applications.

The ST-Series features a toggle seal composed of dynamic silicone material that bonds to the metal toggle, pin and bushing, providing ideal sealing and protection against the environment, vibration and shock, while withstanding extreme temperature variations. It also utilizes up to three terminal seals per pole and an optional o-ring assures additional under panel sealing protection. All silicone seals on the ST-Series comply with A-A-59588 for silicone rubber performance specifications and, together, these features meet the international IEC 60529 standard for sealing performance to an IP68 level.


  • Designed to comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements
  • IEC 60529 IP68 sealing performance
  • Toggle seal bonds to toggle, pin and bushing
  • Complies with UL 61058-1 electrical spacing requirements


  • Military Equipment
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles
  • Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Applications requiring stringent sealing and performance capabilities

Alpha Wire Expands Coaxial Cable offering sizes down to 50 AWG

New Micro Coax cable offered in smaller sizes to meet the growing need

for signal transmission in confined spaces.

Micro Coax_flyer

April 6, 2015 — Alpha Wire recently expanded its Coaxial Cable product line under the Alpha Essentials product family to include Micro Coax sizes from 32 AWG to 50 AWG.  With the addition of Micro Coax, Alpha Wire now offers Coaxial cable products ranging from 10 AWG to 50 AWG.

The new Micro Coax cable line will be offered as standard constructions and are ideal for customers looking for signal transmission options, especially when designs offer limited space for cable routing.  “Alpha’s new 50 Ω Micro Coax line will provide customers with the ability to ensure signal integrity within the increasingly small confines that many designers are working with,” says Hillary Riden, Product Specialist at Alpha Wire. “With an operating temperature range of -70°C up to 200°C, the new micro coax line is ideal for everything from medical endoscopes to industrial inspection applications.” 

Alpha’s Micro Coax cables (32 AWG to 50 AWG) will be in-stock in 100 meter put-ups and available for immediate shipping. We can also offer our Micro Coax cables in composite and bundled configurations using our Coast Custom capabilities. Create a custom probe, catheter, and ultrasound cable for your custom medical or industrial application. Our custom hybrid bundled cables can combine multiple size coax cables along with other types of conductors or even lumens to carry gas or liquid!

Part Numbers 9432 to 9450

• 50 Ω characteristic impedance
• Exceedingly small and light weight
• 50 AWG to 32 AWG conductor range
• Stranded conductors for increased flexibility

• 30 Vrms voltage rating
• 90% shield coverage for excellent EMI protection and electrical characteristics
• Up to +200°C temperature range

New Product for January – Switchcraft/Conxall

Dura-Pull Push-Pull Connector


Key Features:

  • Easy, push-pull latching mechanism with blind mating
  • Durable machined copper housing
  • Sealed to IP68 when mated
  • Up to 9 contacts in a 1/2" connector
  • Less expensive than the leading push-pull connectors
  • Made in the USA

Application of the Month


Firefighter Training System - Sealed Unmated Power Jacks & Plugs

This customer needed a sealed connector for their charging port able to withstand 125psi of air pressure from a simulated fire hose while unmated with no dust cap.   They tested the ST10U, were impressed with the results, and have designed it into their products.

Other Upcoming New Products

Up-to-date status on upcoming products.  Dates are best estimates at this time:

F1-Rated Con-X: Waiting for UL approval.  Available now without UL
Data-Con-X USB A: Available February 2016
EH USB 3.0/ Mini-Display Port: Available February 2016
Mini-Con-X/EN3 Standard Cables: Available February 2016
High Temperature Power Jacks/ Plugs: Available March 2016
9-10 Position Mini-Con-X:  Available March 2016
10-12 Position Multi-Con-X: Available March 2016
Sealed USB Cable Assemblies: Available March 2016
Sealed ¼” Jack/Plug: Available Q2 2016
Field Installable Right Angle Tini-QG: Available Q2 2016
TS Series Connector (Shielded Micro): Q2 2016
Mixed Signal/Power Mini-Con-X: Available Q2 2016
3.5mm Sealed Jack: Available Q2 2016
15-Amp Jack/Plugs: Available 2016
Pendant Switch with LED: Available 2016

Switchcraft Conxall Announce New Product – Available Soon

Right Angle PCB Mount Mini-Con-X



Switchcraft/Conxall is pleased to announce a brand new, right angle PCB mount version of our Mini-Con-X line.
Following the success of this same option in our EN3 line, these new connectors bring them same easy mounting option to Conxall’s best-selling Mini-Con-X line.  In applications where the board is perpendicular to the panel, this product saves time and cost by allowing the connector to be soldered directly to the PCB.


  • Allows for easy mounting of the connector directly to a PCB.
  • Both narrow and wide arrangements are available in 2 thru 8 #20 contacts (7-8 available as male only).
  • Identical product specifications to the standard Mini-Con-X panel mount connectors.


  • Sealed data transmission
  • GPS and assect tracking devices
  • Instrumentation and non-invasive medical applications
  • General electronic applications


Electric Power Grid Upgrade

Recently, an electric power company selected a 2 pole, 15 amp, UL489 listed CX-Series (CX2-B0-12-615-2DA-13G) as the hydraulic magnetic breaker to use in substation racks as an effort to improve its networking capabilities.  The goal is to create a smart grid by converting their existing remote terminal units from serial communications protocol to Internet protocol. Using this approach with an Ethernet connection allows it the flexibility to interface faster and in real time with corporate servers and thus establishing a smarter service grid.

Industry Trend

Further, "under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Department of Energy was charged with investing $4.5 billion to modernize the U.S. electric grid through the deployment of smart grid technologies" (Hoffman, Patricia -Assistant Secretary DOE). This creates a real opportunity for increased sales of the CX-Series circuit breaker for this type of application. Click here to download the complete American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Smart Grid Highlights.

Potential Customers

Utility companies looking to upgrade their circuit protection systems are likely to work with a distributor when purchasing products.  We suggest that our sales representatives work with our distributors to successfully pursue these possible opportunities.
Click here for a complete list of USA Electric Utility Power companies by state. For more details on individual companies, please contact Carling's marketing department at 





The CX-Series circuit breaker features an innovative configuration that allows the breaker to safely handle high amperage and high DC voltage applications in a compact package. By using a magnetic flux boosting terminal configuration, a strong magnetic field is created thus motivating the arc into an enhanced arc chamber.

Permanent magnets combined with the upper and lower arc runner increase the magnetic blow out force and aid in motivating the arc off of the contacts and into the arc chamber. The arc chamber features arc splitter retainers with integrated pressurizing walls, which facilitates heat transfer from the arc providing additional cooling and quick transition into the magnetically induced splitter plates. In turn, the twelve (12) splitter plates attract, segment and cool the arc for full extinction.


  • UL 489, UL 489B Listed and UL 1077
  • TUV Certified IEC/EN 60947-2
  • Temperature stable hydraulic/magnetic overcurrent sensing technology
  • Optional relay trip circuit permitting remote operator system shut down

  • Max rating of 600VDC
  • Perfect fit for 380VDC Applications.
  • UL 489 Listed rating for power distribution equipment utilizing high DC voltage input.
  • UL 489B Listed rating for integration into the combiner box or main disconnect of photovoltaic renewable energy systems.
  • L-Series: Sealed Rocker Switches


    The L-Series rocker offers total design flexibility while setting new standards for performance and reliability. Its versatile design features include up to twelve terminals with an extensive range of switch and lamp circuit options, including LED or incandescent illumination; countless choices for ratings; and actuator styles with laser-etched legends and lenses. These single or double pole switches fit into an industry standard mounting hole of 1.734 x .867 (44.0mm x 22.0mm). Additionally, an optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of wire harness.


    • IP67 Sealed Front Panel Components
    • 1-2 poles and Up to 12 Terminals
    • Plug-in Terminal Connector for Pre-Wiring of Wire Harness
    • Countless Circuit, Ratings & Style Options 


    • Construction Machinery
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • On-Highway Transportation Equipment
    • Marine Equipment 


    Xtra-Guard® 1 Cables Now Offer Improved Oil and UV Resistance

    Alpha Wire adds approvals and expands temperature range on Xtra-Guard 1 high-performance cables

    Elizabeth, NJ, August 25, 2015 — Alpha Wire recently updated the Xtra-Guard 1 High-Performance PVC cable family to include additional UL approvals and a wider operating temperature range.

    “Xtra-Guard 1 is known throughout the cable industry as the standard in high-quality PVC cable, so our engineers continually work to identify additional improvements to maintain that well-earned position in the eyes of our customers,” says Justin Dubow, Director of Marketing at Alpha Wire.  “The UL SUN RES and 60C OIL RES/ UL OIL RES 1 approvals now allow Xtra-Guard 1 cables in all ten jacket colors to be used in an even more diverse range of applications than before.”  In addition to the expanded ratings, Alpha Wire has also achieved a lower temperature range that now spans from -35°C to +105°C (SR-PVC) and -30°C to +105°C (PVC). Since materials have not changed, Xtra-Guard 1 also still maintains its RoHS and REACH-compliant status.

    Xtra-Guard 1 is available in over 544 standard constructions covering both multiconductor and multipair configurations, with 300 V and 600 V options. Many of these constructions are available off-the-shelf with next day shipping, in put-ups as small as 100 feet. With its premium-grade PVC insulation and jacket, Xtra-Guard 1 cable strips cleanly and routes easily. Alpha’s popular Supra-Shield® system combines a triple-layer aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil with a tinned copper braid shield with tight 70% coverage. Supra-Shield offers exceptional EMI performance and flexibility to protect against noise and maintain overall system integrity. Order a free sample today!

    To learn more about Xtra-Guard 1 high-performance cables, please visit