Measurement Specialties – Signals eNewsletter July 2015


U5700 Submersible Pressure Transducer

The UltraStable U5700 submersible pressure transducer has an IP68 rated connection and submersible polyurethane jacketed cable along with a variety of pressure port options. This latest series features high accuracy and a quick turnaround for demanding commercial, heavy industrial and liquid level applications.

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Low Cost Industrial Accelerometer

The Model 8711-01 sensor is an internally shielded rugged IEPE accelerometer designed for industrial condition monitoring. The accelerometer is available in ±5g to ±80g dynamic ranges and has a flat bandwidth up to greater than 10kHz. The Model 8711-01 accelerometer features a top exit MIL-C-5015 connector and is designed to operate in temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C.

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Combination Partner Boards

A series of Pmod-compatible development boards that highlight several of our digital component sensors has recently been developed. The first of these boards features our MS8607 pressure/humidity/temperature sensor. This sensor combines three sensing elements into a single package and gives the user a very space and power efficient solution for monitoring atmospheric conditions in applications like wearables, weather stations, medical, industrial equipment and appliances. Our development boards are designed to comply with the Digilent Pmod Interface Specification which provides an easy way to connect the sensor to a variety of engineering development systems and lab tools. The sensor and board interface is I2C compatible which makes for easy communications between the master processor and the sensor. Sample software code is available that can be downloaded and installed onto systems designed for FPGA and Linux based firmware developments.

Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The HTU21P(F) combined humidity and temperature sensor is used for OEM/industrial home appliance, medical, printer, humidifier and automotive defogging applications. The sensor is embedded in a reflow solderable Dual Flat No leads (DFN) package of 3 x 3 x 0.9mm footprint. Featuring low power requirements, the HTU21P(F) is designed for high volume and cost sensitive applications that require tight space constraints.

Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.

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Alpha Wire – New EcoGen Family Member!

 In May, EcoFlex PUR made it's way to the market with over 8M flex life cycles and a zero halogen jacket and insulation.

EcoFlex PUR is a 600V cable that is up to 40% lighter, 44% smaller than traditional PUR cables.  The mPPE insulation and PUR jacket allow this product to be a zero halogen, reduced diameter, and oil-resistant cable.  This flexing cable has 8M flex life cycles and counting with an operating temperature of -50C to +90C (static) and -40C to +80C (dynamic).

This cable is ideal for industrial environments such as mining, industrial machinery, and outdoor applications due to the sunlight and oil resistance in turn with the abrasion resistant PUR jacket.  The reduced diameter and weight are great benefits for making more room in a populated cable track or smaller machines being used in industrial applications.

Interested in our new EcoFlex PUR?

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Alpha Wire Offers New Product Search Tool

In June we launched our new Cable Finder tool which helps guides customers to find which Alpha Wire product fits their application needs.  In this blog we will discuss some new ways to search for the cable you need.

We provided the “special applications” filter in order to further distinguish the type of cable you are looking for.  We split this filter into several categories including: medical (meaning the cable withstands sterilization), VFDBus CableCoaxial CableEthernet Cable, and Flat/Ribbon cable.  Knowing that you have a special application can easily narrow down the product results for you.

We also feature an “environmental factors” filter that allows you to choose different types of attributes that can make or break your application such as: zero halogen, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, direct burial, extreme temperature, flame retardant, low outgassing, low smoke, oil resistant, and UV resistant.  These factors can go hand in hand with the type of rating needed for your particular application.

Once you find the cable you are looking for, you can download the specification, request a sample, and more.  We have indicated some of our products with identifiers for products that are zero halogen, made with premium materials, or items that are standard and in-stock.  If you can’t find exactly what you need, you will be directed to our custom cable form which will automatically fill out your desired specs.  Once you submit the form, you will be contacted by an Alpha Wire representative.

Need to find a cable for a new or existing application, try our Cable Finder today!



API – Ceramic Capabilities

Did You Know!

API Technologies has been making ceramic capasitors in the USA since 1968?

High-reliability ceramics, made in America

API's ceramics are made in a 275,000 sq. ft. facility located in State College, PA

Capacitance Range


Body Profiles

Planar Tube (Solid Wall and Embedded Electrodes) SMPS Capacitors Discoidal


NPO, X7R, Z5U, Y5V (BX, BR, and BQ Ratings)

Did You Know!

API Technologies produces 20 MILLION ceramic pieces each year?

Planar Capacitor


Tubular Capacitor


Custom Solutions


Discoidal Capacitor


SMPS Capacitor


For more information on API's State College facility and their ceramics capabilities, visit

Carling Technologies – V-Charger


Less Wait. More Charge.

V-Series Dual Port USB 2.0 Charger



Carling Technologies USB V-Charger is designed to charge tablets, e-readers, mobile and gaming devices, digital cameras, as well as other compatible electronic devices.


  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • 3.15 Amps for Faster Charging
  • 10,000 Operating Cycles per Port
  • IP64 Sealing Protection
  • 1.45 x 0.83 in. Panel Opening
  • 12-24 V Operating Voltage
  • Protection for Internal Components

Alpha Wire Introduces Alpha Essentials

Alpha Wire has re-categorized its products to include a new product family named Alpha Essentials.  Alpha Essentials™replaces the previous “Communication, Control, and Industrial Cable” and “Manhattan Electrical Cable” product families while preserving the majority of those products.  Product crosses are automatically provided through our website search function and discontinued items are still available via special order upon request.  In addition to the product line changes, minimums have been decreased for certain product lines.

“We wanted to make sure our product lines made sense and were well-organized for our customers based on their application needs,” stated Justin Dubow, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire.  “Alpha Essentials provides customers with industry-standard cables at Alpha’s industry-leading minimum order quantities. As a result of this new product family, the highest minimum order quantity on any standard Alpha Wire product will now be 1000 ft, with most items having only a 100 ft minimum order quantity.”

All items under the Dearborn Marine, Manhattan Thermocouple, and Manhattan Security & Data product families will be discontinued as standard products and made only available via special order. In addition, the Manhattan Electrical Cable and Dearborn Marine brands will no longer be utilized.

Carling Technologies – New: V-Series Contura XIV Switch

Features a sleek design with an intuitive feel provided by recessed ridges along with a center groove, which effectively defines the boundary between top and bottom switch functions.

The V-Series Contura XIV snap-in rocker switches offer countless unique options including choices for ratings, circuits, colors, illuminations and legends. These single or double pole switches feature removable actuators in a choice of actuator styles and colors, and can be illuminated with either square or bar shaped lenses. Actuators may be purchased and stocked separately. An optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of harnesses.

The Contura switches, with sealed option, are certified to IP66 and IP68 for front panel components, signifying complete protection against dust, prolonged spray, submersion under pressure and are recognized to UL1500 - Ignition Protection for Marine Products. These switches are vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture and salt spray resistant with temperature ratings ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

API – Now offering TSE Products

API Technologies’ Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS) product line will now offer Texas Spectrum  Electronics (TSE) products.

First launched in 1976, the TSE product line includes a wide range of EMI and EMP filtering and surge suppression products. These products have been used by a wide range of defense and commercial customers in a wide range of military programs and high-reliability industrial applications.

As one of the world’s largest providers of EMI/EMC technology products, we are known for offering products that deliver superior protection and performance. We are pleased to now include TSE products as part of our broad and growing EIS product line.

Explore API Technologies’ line of TSE products.

Carling Technologies Inc. – Featured Products

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, Carling Technologies prides itself as a market leader in transportation application switches & control modules, providing solutions to all major OEMs.

V-Series – Contura Rotary Switches

Contura Rotary Switches Features a unique and innovative arc-quenching configuration that allows the breaker to safely handle high amperage and high DC voltage applications in a compact package. Read more...

Watch this video to learn about V-Series Rotary unique features.

V-Series – Contura Sealed Rocker Switches

The V-Series Contura II & III snap-in rocker switches offer countless unique options including choices for ratings, circuits, colors, illuminations and symbols. These single or double pole switches feature removable actuators in a choice of actuator styles and colors, and can be illuminated with either square or bar shaped lenses. Actuators may be purchased and stocked separately. An optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of wire harness. Read more...

Watch this video to learn more about V-Series' unique features.

W-Series – Fully Submersible Rocker Switches

Carling Technologies set the standard for performance and aesthetics with the widely successful, often imitated but never duplicated, V-Series rocker switches. Building further upon that platform, Carling has once again raised the bar with the fully sealed W-Series. The W-Series’ traditional appearance features complete IP68 protection, even below the panel, where the critical connection is made from your wiring harness. When used in conjunction with the integrated connector, the totally submersible W-Series provides a seal for up to ten individual wires, assuring compatibility with even the most complex circuitry. Read more...

Controls – On/Off-Highway Switches & Control Modules

With years of design and manufacturing experience, Carling Technologies is the market leader in transportation application switches & control modules providing solutions to most all major OEMs. Carling's switches are widely used and the most recognizable switch brand in the industry with unmatched quality and aesthetics. By drawing upon over 90 years of design experience, Carling Technologies is also able to provide custom product solutions such as operator control modules and custom electronic controls, that are sure to meet the most stringent design requirements. Read more...

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