Carling Technologies Inc. – Circuit Protection Products

Carling Technologies offers a full line of innovative, high-performance and reliable circuit protection products that meet all requirements of today’s leading OEMs in a variety of industries. Visit Carling's website or download the catalogs for a complete list of products.


Carling’s line of hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers features innovative products that provide maximum protection to datacom/telecom, industrial automation, military, and renewable energy applications among many others. Click here to see full list of products.


Carling’s line of thermal circuit protectors offers reliable, cost effective protection and significant performance advantage over fuses. They can also be used as the main ON/OFF switch for the equipment being protected. Click here to see full list of products.


Carling Equipment Leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter combine the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker to provide maximum equipment protection. Click here to see full list of products.

Carling Technologies Inc. – Miniature Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches

Carling’s Miniature Rocker Switches range from .4VA to 20 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, single and double pole, with many styles of solid colored, translucent, two-color Visi-Rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps. Among others, Carling Miniature Rocker Switches include the 622/632-Series high-inrush switch, the shallow base 651/652-Series, and the long-established Mini-Tippette, Curvette and Super Curvette families of switches.


The 610/620-Series sub-miniature rocker switches are double insulated and available in single or double pole configurations. These switches are offered in a range of double throw momentary and maintained circuits. 611/621-Series Carling’s Full-sized Rocker Switches range from 3 to 20 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, one to four pole, with many styles of solid colored, translucent rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps.


The 622/632-Series miniature rocker switches are non-illuminated or illuminated and are available in single or double pole configurations. These switches provide 100 amp inrush capability. They fit into industry standard cutout dimensions, and include a quick-make contact mechanism.

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Alpha Wire

Selecting the Right Motor Supply Cable

Selecting any cable involves getting the right performance without overspecifying—and overpaying—for what you don’t need. For powering motors, the choice ranges from PVC/nylon-insulated wires in a conduit to precision VFD cables. The most obvious requirement is a cable that meets the power-handling requirements of the motor over the distances between drive and motor. For short distances and modest powers, a PVC cable may work fine. As distances and power levels increase, so do the electrical stresses on the cable’s insulation and jacket; a cable designed specifically as a motor supply cable is then advisable.   Read more…

How to Properly Inspect Heat-Shrink Tubing Size

Dave Watson, Director of Engineering at Alpha Wire, instructs and demonstrates how to properly inspect the size of heat- shrink tubing.

New FIT 2:1 Heat-Shrink Tubing – New Low Smoke Zero Halogen products are on their way!

As our world is becoming more environmentally conscious, Alpha Wire is continuously looking for ways to help improve the environmental impact of our products.  Low smoke zero halogen components are extremely important for our growing environment and Alpha Wire will be introducing an extension of our current FIT heat shrink tubing which will be flame retardant, halogen free, and will have a shrink ratio of 2:1.  Keep an eye out for this new product coming your way in May 2014!


Switchcraft – EH Series: Audio, Video & Data Connectors

The EH Series connector system from Switchcraft is the industry’s most extensive line of modular audio, video and data connectors.  All E, EH and DE Series connectors are designed into the same size panel cutout, which makes creating and modifying custom I/O solutions fast and easy.  Included in our industry leading array of connector options, are the popular 9 & 15-Pin DSUB, RJ45, ST/SC/LC Fiber Optic, BNC, HDMI, USB and much more!   As accessories to the EH Series, we’ve designed a wide range of rack panels and wall plates with innovative features such as tapped 4-40 mounting holes for easy connector installation and removal, snap-in channel designation strips for custom channel labeling, and tie bars to secure cabling to the back of the panel.   The EH Series from Switchcraft!  Innovative solutions for audio, video and data connectivity.

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Switchcraft/Conxall – HDMI Weathertight Connectors

Switchcraft/Conxall is pleased to announce the latest in the Data-Con-X family of products, the sealed HDMI connector series. Excellent for a variety of applications this product is sealed to IP-68 (when matted), with a feed thru panel termination for easy field installation.


• Sealed to IP67 & IP68 NEMA 250 (6P) • Data transmission
   (when panel connector is rear mounted and mated to the cable) • Military or industrial GPS location devices
• Feed-thru termination on the panel for easy field installation • Instrumentation
• Easy to assemble • Medical data carts
• Quick connect bayonet or threaded style interface • Data acquisition units
• RoHS Compliant – UV F1 rated housing • General industrial application

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