What Do You Need That We Can Provide For You?

Matera is not a company to stand still. In addition to being entrepreneurs, we are always up to a challenge. To keep our interest high and to raise the bar of our performance we delight in having a steady list of clients with innovative and cutting-edge products to represent. Our business is being of service to you! At Matera, we know our territory, we know our products, and we know the way the Canadians do business. Think of us as your go-to solution provider in Canada.

What Else Do We Have That You Might Need?

Matera may be small and yet that very intimacy allows us to do what a manufacturer’s rep does best: maintain vital and friendly links with the end users of the products. We represent products that service a variety of sectors:

For Our Manufacturers

When you choose Matera Technologies Inc. you are choosing to work with some of the most solid and knowledgeable manufacturing reps in Canada. We know our territories and we know our products and can provide you with valuable feedback on the Canadian marketplace.

When you choose us you can trust us to promote your complete product line and corporate image. As a proud member of the Electronic Representatives Association International (ERA), we believe in maintaining a limited line card of non-competitive lines. And when we update our line card, we carefully select synergistic lines that are supportive of each other. Our reps are true professionals; friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

We’d rather be in your corner than in your face. After all we are your representatives in Canada.

For Our Distributors

75% of Matera’s business is derived through you – our distributors. As your business partners, we are sticklers for maintaining a professional rep image and we take great pride in staying up to date on our product knowledge. We believe in getting involved in account strategies and plans with you so we can serve your customers best. Think of us as trusted members of your sales team.