Switchcraft Conxall Announce New Product – Available Soon

Right Angle PCB Mount Mini-Con-X



Switchcraft/Conxall is pleased to announce a brand new, right angle PCB mount version of our Mini-Con-X line.
Following the success of this same option in our EN3 line, these new connectors bring them same easy mounting option to Conxall’s best-selling Mini-Con-X line.  In applications where the board is perpendicular to the panel, this product saves time and cost by allowing the connector to be soldered directly to the PCB.


  • Allows for easy mounting of the connector directly to a PCB.
  • Both narrow and wide arrangements are available in 2 thru 8 #20 contacts (7-8 available as male only).
  • Identical product specifications to the standard Mini-Con-X panel mount connectors.


  • Sealed data transmission
  • GPS and assect tracking devices
  • Instrumentation and non-invasive medical applications
  • General electronic applications